One of the Best Places for SUP in the Country Might Surprise You

Southern California, white sand beaches, ten-foot waves, and hang loose might be terms that you associate with the age-old sport of paddleboarding. But there’s another way you can paddleboard in the United States and it has nothing whatsoever to do with a beach or an ocean. Beaver Lake is home to a beautiful lake in the Natural State of Arkansas.

The United States contains over 120,000 lakes. Every single state in the United States has a lake within its borders (possible with the exception of Maine), but not every state shares a border with an ocean. This makes SUP in lake waters much more popular than paddleboarding in ocean waters.

When many people think of SUP, they think, “lake,” “murky water,” “trees,” and “boat dock.” And this is exactly the case for a beautiful lake in Northwest Arkansas. Beaver Lake is set in Eureka Springs in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. It’s surrounded by tree-covered mountains, natural caves, and limestone bluffs. Beaver Lake has some 487 miles of shoreline, covering about 44 square miles.

You can SUP anywhere there is water, but Beaver Lake is one of the greatest SUP locations in the country for several reasons. Beaver Lake is home to dozens of water sport competitions, including SUP. Paddleboarding has become a popular event at Beaver Lake, drawing thousands of people into their annual SUP competition.

beaver lakePaddleboard owners gather together and host self-created paddleboard competitions throughout the lake. In addition, there are many paddleboard rental areas scattered in areas all across Eureka Springs and near Beaver Lake.

Another commodity that Beaver Lake boasts is their aquatic lesson opportunities. There are dozens of equipment and outfitter businesses on the lake who offer lessons. So even if you’re not quite prepared to jump into the SUP competitions, you can take one of these conveniently located businesses up on their SUP training programs.

SUP is a great option for entertainment, but there are many other options on Beaver Lake. Boating, fishing, swimming, jet ski, and a number of other commodities are allowed on Beaver Lake. This makes it a guaranteed great time for the whole family!

Another reason Beaver Lake is an ideal SUP location is the price to travel to Arkansas. The beautiful state is often left unfairly out of the top travel magazines, but it deserves to be right there in it.

Because Arkansas is not a highly-ventured travel destination, you won’t be paying tourist fees for your hotels, meals, or souvenirs. In addition, you won’t be dealing with tourist traffic, lines, or hospitality. You’ll get great service and you will get to experience true southern hospitality first-hand.

Beaver Lake is a perfect option for your whole family. If you’re looking for your next SUP destination, you’ve found it in the Natural State. Cheap prices mixed with beautiful scenery, low-populated waters, good food, and great people make Beaver Lake one of the best SUP locations in the country.

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