British Columbia’s Best Hiking and Camping

Just across the border from Pine Mountain Resort is British Columbia (B.C.). It is perhaps best known for its wilderness and ruralist nature that is becoming increasingly rare in developed and urbanized societies. It should come as no surprise, then, that the province holds some of the very best camping and hiking in the country. Below, you can find a comprehensive guide as to which places and locations are the best for you to go to.

The Lions

In total, this trail will take you anywhere between seven and ten hours. It is considered to be a difficult trail; however, it is well worth it in the end when you reach the very top to experience nature and life altogether. The most appealing aspect about this trail is that while it does take a long time, the journey up the mountain is the most stunning experience. At the top is a primitive campground so bring your tent, sleeping bag and a lightweight camping/backpacking stove.

Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail

Although the name seems very strange, it is a trail that is only slightly less dangerous than the aforementioned Lions Trail. It’ll take you a full day to complete this trail, depending on how long you take to walk or climb. There are waterfalls, streams, glacial formations, and so much more for you to love on Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail. At the end of the trail is a primitive campground, the soil is very rocky, pitching a tent is difficult at best, I would recommend using a portable backpacking hammock.

Elfin Lakes Trail

While this is considered to have a moderate level of difficulty, it also happens to be twenty-three kilometres, which means that you’re trading strength for stamina. There are even sites at Elfin Lakes for you to camp at so you needn’t be concerned with hiking back in the same day.

Mount Cheam

This is also known as Chilliwack and the trail will bring you to the very top of the mountain, which provides some of the most fantastic scenery in the world. The highest point of this trail is 2111 metres; meanwhile, there its elevation is 662 metres. If you want to reach the trailhead, you should be prepared in advance because you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle.

Sunshine Coast Trail

This is the longest one yet, and it stands at one hundred and eighty kilometres. For this reason, it’ll take you several days to complete it so you’re best to try it over a period of a few days. If you decide to take this trail, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the beautiful back country of British Columbia.

Stawamus Chief

The Stawamus trail is considered to be a moderate trail in regards to difficulty. There are only seven kilometres left until I reach my mileage target or whatever that means. There are views from so many different views, from the view of Stawamus to that of the occasional hiker.

British Columbia is known for being one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. It’s full of wildlife and ecosystems that are a true pleasure to experience. If you’re going on vacation and you’re planning to bring loved ones with you, then be sure to introduce them to the wonders of B.C. Above is a list of some of the best trails for you to go either hiking or camping on.

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