The Best Places To Fish In Montana

Montana, the Big Sky state as you might imagine has some fabulous fishing. It is world renowned for fly fishing in it beautiful rivers and lakes. I will list some of my favorite fishing spots in Montana, please don’t tell too many people 🙂

Basin Spring Creek

Basin Spring CreekThis tiny but very spring creek is full of aggressive brown fish that average 14 inches with the larger size at 20″. The spring fed creek is what big sky country is all about with sweeping vistas and no signs of people.

I also fish many other rivers, streams and lakes on the same county but I often spend just a few hours at Basin Spring before moving on to explore other mountain streams or a a lower elevation stream in the same day.

For fishermen that want to be totally off the beaten path while fly fishing in some beautiful scenery. Keep in mind here you will be better off fishing here with a kayak and since the water is fairly deep using one of the better kayak fish finders available will help immeasurably.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is well known for its amazing scenery, wildlife, and hiking spots. Nearly two million tourists come to the park each year to experience its beauty. Between the Continental Divide in northwestern Montana and bordering the Canada, Glacier Park has rugged mountain peaks and some 40 plus glaciers.
Glacier National ParkFlowers cover the high mountain valleys and meadows. Wildlife is everywhere, mountain goats, sheep, elk, moose, blacktail deer, bears, and occasionally grizzly bears. Glacier National Park is one of the grizzly bears few remaining habitats in the United States. So, for most people, fishing is not the attraction to Glacier Park. But the park many fishing spots, highlighted by the opportunity to catch a many species from Glacier Parks pristine waters.
In several sections of the park, fish are tiny due to the nutrient poor waters that limit the quantity of insects to allow proper fish growth. However, some streams give fishermen a chance to catch trophy fish. Just about anywhere anglers go in Glacier, they will be surrounded by amazing scenery. Water from the park flows into 3 separate oceans. The west sections of the park drain into the north end of the Flathead River, then flows into the Pacific Ocean.

North Fork Portion Of The Flathead River

The North Fork river forms the east boundary of Glacier Park and is a known for two endangered fish, Bull and Westslope Cutthroat Trout. The state is working hard to maintain habitat for these 2 threatened species, including paying for the removing of mining rights on the Canadian headwaters. There are plenty of good fishing spots and amazing beauty for fishermen who make the trip. The North Fork’s best fishing areas will require some serious hiking for those who want to fish the waters.

Blackfoot River

Made famous by the movie made by Norman Maclean: A River Runs Through It, the Blackfoot river is quite an amazing place. Winding through tall timber forests in western Montana, the Blackfoot River attracts fishermen to its unspoiled rivers. With 6 varieties of game fish, the  Blackfoot offers  more variety than many trout streams. Variety is par for the course for this river. Fishermen can choose to fish the winding streams and tall grasses sections of the river. Main varieties of fish: rainbow trout, bull trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout and mountain whitefish.

Gallatin River

One of the 3 parts of the river that form the Missouri River, the Gallatin River offers many varities of water and amazing scenery. Being close to Bozeman and the town of Big Sky give you excellent river access. Most of the river is closed for boat fishing, so you will need wade these waters. Once the river exits the canyon, it slows down and runs through private property, to fish these productive areas you will need to get permission from the owner.

You will have trouble going wrong at any of these places. Good luck!


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