One of the Best Places for SUP in the Country Might Surprise You

beaver lake arkasas

Southern California, white sand beaches, ten-foot waves, and hang loose might be terms that you associate with the age-old sport of paddleboarding. But there’s another way you can paddleboard in the United States and it has nothing whatsoever to do with a beach or an ocean. Beaver Lake is home to a beautiful lake in the Natural State of Arkansas. The United States contains over 120,000 lakes. Every single state in the United States has a lake within its borders (possible with the exception of Maine), but not every state shares a border with an ocean. This makes SUP in Continue reading One of the Best Places for SUP in the Country Might Surprise You

British Columbia’s Best Hiking and Camping

Just across the border from Pine Mountain Resort is British Columbia (B.C.). It is perhaps best known for its wilderness and ruralist nature that is becoming increasingly rare in developed and urbanized societies. It should come as no surprise, then, that the province holds some of the very best camping and hiking in the country. Below, you can find a comprehensive guide as to which places and locations are the best for you to go to. The Lions In total, this trail will take you anywhere between seven and ten hours. It is considered to be a difficult trail; however, Continue reading British Columbia’s Best Hiking and Camping

Training For Tough Mudder At The Pine Mountain Resort

Tough Mudder at Pine Mountain

Working at Pine Mountain Resort for sometime gives me a lot of free time, this year I decided to run the World’s Toughest Mudder Challenge. Here is my plan to try and get ready for it. As the Obstacle Course Racing world remains to grow, so does rival interest in these long format courses, which in turn is generating brand-new OCR races that integrate the physicality of OCR with endurance required for them. At Pine Mountain Resort is sponsoring a program where I take a trip the world contending in grueling endurance difficulties, I can testify that this race ranks Continue reading Training For Tough Mudder At The Pine Mountain Resort

The Best Places To Fish In Montana

Montana Fishing

Montana, the Big Sky state as you might imagine has some fabulous fishing. It is world renowned for fly fishing in it beautiful rivers and lakes. I will list some of my favorite fishing spots in Montana, please don’t tell too many people 🙂 Basin Spring Creek This tiny but very spring creek is full of aggressive brown fish that average 14 inches with the larger size at 20″. The spring fed creek is what big sky country is all about with sweeping vistas and no signs of people. I also fish many other rivers, streams and lakes on the Continue reading The Best Places To Fish In Montana

Paddle Board Yoga At Pine Mountain Resort

paddleboard yoga

Paddleboard yogis require a number of abilities outside the normal yoga world of extending and relaxation: the capability to swim and the stamina to paddle a brief range, typically 10 to 15 minutes to reach a peaceful position on the waterway. You cannot think of the meals in your sink or exactly what you’re preparing for supper, practically everybody loses their balance and discover themselves soaked. You need to stay to climb up back on the board and laugh. In groups that appear like ballet dancers, the paddlers base on one leg and grab the sky, balance on a knee Continue reading Paddle Board Yoga At Pine Mountain Resort

Beginning Fly Fishing – How To Choose a Reel

fly fishing reels

It may seem obvious but the main purpose of your reel is to hold the line. Not too complicated? But your reel does a lot more than that. It keeps pressure on the line, so slack doesn’t develop and keeps the fishing working so he gets tired.  You want to size the fishing reel with the line type and weight of the rod. This will give you a correct balance of your rod and reel. Tip: If you are going to be doing a lot fishing in deeper, wider rivers, you may want to invest in a kayak. Here is Continue reading Beginning Fly Fishing – How To Choose a Reel

How to Choose a Kayak

how to choose a kayak

Choosing a kayak can be a challenging experience. There are several variables to consider when determining which kayak is the best fit for you. The most important thing is to consider what type of kayaking you will be doing. Depending on whether it is for a leisurely voyage with the family, an adventurous trip for the seasoned kayaker, or mostly for use while fishing, the type of kayak you use will vary greatly. It is important to be informed about the many types of kayaks and choose the right one for your personal needs. Types of Kayaks Inflatable Kayaks Despite Continue reading How to Choose a Kayak

Best Snorkeling Spots In Florida

Florida provides a remarkable setting for snorkelers at every level. Florida water deliver an exciting challenge for the season snorkeler and affords the luxury of peaceful waters for those looking for tranquility. The clarity in the water makes it an ideal learning spot for beginner snorkelers as well, as they are less likely to become bored or frustrated.Beginners snorkelers should take note that it is critical to get the proper equipment like a mask and a good set of fins before heading out snorkeling. The tropical climate and breathe taking colors of the Florida waters, provide a wonderful environment for Continue reading Best Snorkeling Spots In Florida